GLOCK40 Gen 4 MOS Long Slide | 10mm Auto



GLOCK40 Gen4 MOS Long Slide | 10mm Auto

It could be surprising to know people who ask how much is Glock40 do not know much about it so lets see what it is. The G40 Gen 4 in MOS Configuration is chambered in 10 mm Auto and combines a long slide and barrel for improved velocity with a high magazine capacity.

Design of Glock40

The Modular Back Strap design and the reversible magazine catch let you instantly customize its grip to adapt to accommodate any hand size. The MOS Configuration makes an easy job of mounting a reflex sight on the pistol’s slide without the need for a new slide or separate mounting system.

Physical Features of G40

One of the most noticeable physical features on a Glock40 Gen 4 is the accessory rail. This allows for easy attachment of flashlights, laser sights, and other tactical gear as needed during different situations. Ultimately, what bullets you will use to stop your enemy with the Glock 40 depends upon your situation at hand! Unfortunately, the only downside would have to be the weight. The Glock 40 is so large that many people cannot bear to carry it around all day.

Performance and Power over weight of Glock40

It does not help that it weighs about 2 pounds with nothing on it! So, if you are somebody who wants a lighter, smaller gun for concealment purposes (and comfort) then this may not be your cup of tea. The G40 Gen 4 is an excellent choice for anybody looking for an extremely reliable and accurate gun with minimal recoil. Many people who use this pistol swear by its performance and power; even though it is overkill at times, most people appreciate any advantage they can get when taking down their target!


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