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The SG 550 (Assault Rifle 90), PE 90, is a light- weight assault rifle and used by the Swiss Army. For the sport shooters the PE 90 is still unbeaten in reliability and accuracy.


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The SG 550 Assault Rifle was made to be a “soldier’s weapon,” and special care was taken to make the lightest, cheapest rifle that was also completely reliable and suitable for front-line use. As a result, the SG 550’s metal construction was combined with plastics to create a lighter assault weapon. The shoulder stock, handguard, and magazine were all made of plastic, while only key components—those that needed to withstand the force of the firing action—were left in metal. For low-level light work, standard tritium iron sights were installed; however, if necessary, optics could be affixed across the receiver’s top. The gas-operated, rotating bolt action was used, with the gas cylinder mounted over the barrel and the plastic handguard covering both assemblies. A folding bipod was also incorporated into the handguard for the support and suppression role for the squad.

The shoulder stock was skeletal (another weight-saving measure) and intended to crease over the side of the recipient without obstructing the usefulness of the rifle. A firing selector with safety, single-shot, three-round burst, and full-automatic modes were among the weapon’s fully ambidextrous controls. The magazines, which could hold 5, 20, or 30 rounds, were made of transparent plastic so that the operator could quickly see how much ammunition he had on hand. Each magazine also had slots that let multiple magazines be clipped together (all of them standing vertically) for more ammunition. To do this, the operator just had to eject the spent magazine and slide the next one that was available into the well. The usual location for the magazine release lever was between the magazine well and trigger guard, and the available mountings made it possible to use a bayonet. To further expand the standard infantryman’s tactical reach, the muzzle was designed to fire rifle grenades.

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The Swiss Army’s use of the SG 550 was delayed despite its extremely promising design. The weapon system’s introduction to frontline units was invariably postponed for several years due to budgetary concerns as funding was diverted to more essential components. Therefore, serial production did not begin until 1986, and the SG 550 did not fully enter formal service with the Swiss Army until 1990.As of this writing (2012), production of non-military SG 550s is ongoing, with approximately 600,000 examples of all types produced to date.

Beyond its original full-length assault rifle form, the SG 550 series now includes specialized variants for discerning customers. In terms of design, internal working parts, and overall function, each was comparable to the original SG 550.With a 14-inch barrel, a shortened gas cylinder, and a pistol, the SG 551 evolved into a shortened pattern carbine of the full-size 550.For obvious reasons, this version did not have the ability to use a folding bipod, mount a bayonet, or fire rifle grenades. The SG 551 SWAT was a specialized police version, whereas the SG 551-1P (P = “Police”) was a version with a police bent. The SG 551 LB (LP = “Long Barrel”) was one more carbine subordinate however with a 18-inch barrel which held the capacity to discharge rifle explosives and mount a blade. A 20- or 30-round magazine was accepted by all carbine versions.

The SG 550 family was further developed in 1998 into a smaller version called the SG 552 “Commando,” and the police version was called the SG 552-2P. This form had a 9-inch barrel and had its internals reworked because it was smaller overall. Additionally, there was the SG 552 LB long-barrel form with a 13.6-inch barrel. SIG introduced the improved compact SG 553 in 2009, featuring a 13.7-inch barrel, adjustable shoulder stock, and support for Picatinny rail accessories. The internals were reworked to match the original SG 550 mark more closely.

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The SG 550 “Sniper” was unveiled as a dedicated sharpshooting platform with appropriate modifications for the accuracy-focused, long-range role. This variation had a longer, more robust barrel, an adjustable butt with cheekpiece, a two-stage trigger, a pistol grip that was well-molded, and support for a variety of optics. Since optics were expected to be a part of the entire weapon system for obvious reasons, this mark lacked the fundamental iron sights. There was a 5-round and a 20-round form of the magazine count.

The SG 550 was only available in semi-automatic fire forms when it was released to the commercial market. As a result, they are suitable for both civilian customers and police officers, who typically do not require full-automatic weapons. Americanized” versions were seen with STANAG magazines and a collapsible (telescoping) stock resembling an M4 Carbine, while the SIG522LR, a sporting-minded version, was chambered for the.22 cartridge.

The SIG 550 family is utilized extensively by the world’s armed forces, police, and security agencies. Argentina, Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malta, Poland (GROM), Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States (exclusively the DEA) are among the operators.©


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